Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Beginning...

For as long as I can remember, food has always been an integral part of my life. Not just eating it, I mean, we all need it to survive, but filling my mind and heart with all culinary goodness, and never getting enough. As a very young child (I was honestly no older than 7 or 8), I remember cutting out recipes from magazines and saving them in a simple manila folder. That folder was later upgraded to a recipe organizer book, which eventually began to explode and tear itself wide open (I remember the most popular sections were "Pies and Tarts" and "Desserts"--go figure).

I later started filling a notebook with hand-written recipes I would get from relatives. One day I showed my home-ec teacher in 8th grade and she was stunned. I probably had more recipes than she did! My television was usually tuned into PBS shows like Julia Child, Yan Can Cook, and later the Discover Channel Great Chefs series. The point is, I was like a food sponge, and everything I saw I quickly absorbed. Some things don't change.

During my college summers, I would work once a week at Williams-Sonoma as a shipper, carrying in and stocking their weekly shipments. The employees there loved me as I was a frequent customer, always joking about how I'd love a discount. My once-a-week commitment scored me that highly coveted 40% off that only a true foodie could flip over.

Yes, I love food! I love cooking it, eating it, taking photographs of it, etc. Although I've spent years honing my culinary skills, I've made lots of mistakes as well. I think every good cook does. It creates a sense of humility that is required to create great food, and develop one's palate without turning into a complete snob. Yes, I've bled all over cutting boards, I've burned my fingers, Hell, I even set fire to an oven mitt recently (but the resulting Bolognese was Heavenly)! All kitchen tragedies aside, in the end the food was prepared with lots of love and really delicious ingredients, the basic necessity for all good food.

So, what are you waiting for? Quit wasting time and go eat something! It's dinner-time somewhere ;-)


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