Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Freshest in Fast Food

Believe it or not, I was once a very picky eater. As a child there were many things I would never put in mouth, including anything green (I thought herbs tasted like paper), basically all fruits and vegetables, and shrimp, among other things. Although my family was not a fast food family, and we regularly sat down together for home cooked meals, my absolute favorite thing in the world, and the only thing I would eat in certain "moods," was cheeseburgers, cheeseburgers galore! I prefered Burger King to all the others, and would even throw hissy fits when I was sick and refuse to eat anything but cheeseburgers. So I wouldn't starve, my parents would give in and allow me to eat cheeseburgers on these special occasions. I remember going to a fancy restaurant with my family once when I was young, and of course I wanted a cheeseburger. It was intended for adults, and was way too big to fit in my mouth, so my mom cut the whole burger into little pieces. Yes, I have always loved cheeseburgers whether they are fast food, gourmet, or homemade in the back yard.

In recent years, I've discovered the ultimate in my fast food fantasies: In-N-Out's Double Double Cheeseburger. Now for all of you who have never been to the West coast, you may have only heard of this famous burger, but never had the pleasure in indulging in one. Let me suggest you buy your plane ticket now! First of all, In-N-Out has very few items on its menu. People are often shocked during their first visit. There is a "secret menu" that offers additional items. Why keep this menu a secret? Because they can! And because enough people are die-hard fans and spread the word to all the newbies. Now you know too!

My personal favorite is a Double Double Animal Style burger. Imagine this: a fresh (never frozen) juicy beef patty. Now multiply it by two. Add perfectly melted, gooey American cheese. Top it with a pile of grilled onions (Animal Style) and some creamy "special" sauce. Add some lettuce and tomato and slap the whole thing between some buns and you've got yourself the most succulent fast food goodness you will ever try!

I don't usually indulge in fast food, but this is out of this world, and honestly does not carry as much guilt as other places do. Maybe it's the fact that all their ingredients are fresh. Their fries are freshly cut and their meat doesn't sit in a freezer for weeks.

Service here is also really great. If you are compelled to use the drive thru, you don't have to place your order through a microphone system that will result in you receiving someone else's order. An actual person stands outside, takes your order, answers your questions, and places your order through their computerized system. They ask you if you are eating in your car or not (they package your meal differently depending on your answer! A box if you are eating in the car, a bag if not) and then you drive up to the first window, pay, then drive up to the next and are given the most magical food you will ever receive from the hands of a fast food employee. This is the kind of service all fast food restaurants should offer!

Rock on! If you aren't drooling... you must be a vegetarian.

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Nick said...

Just returned from LA. First stop: In 'N Out on Sepulveda... right outside LAX. I can still taste it.

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