Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In a New York State of Mind

New York City. It's the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, and also the city that has captivated my heart. Cheesy, I know. But come on, New York has it all! Namely, it is a premiere dining destination. Among all the other tourist attractions, New York has some of the best restaurants and the most celebrated chefs in the entire world. Now, I have not been to most of these pricey establishments, but I have, however, dipped my toe, if you will. Some of the most famous eateries are quite reasonable in fact. The pizzas are quite affordable, even at the more trendy pizzerias. Street vendors also go hand-in-hand with the typical food of the city. Where else could a hot dog cart bring so much joy to hungry citizens? Each neighborhood brings it's own culinary niche into this ever-more-populous city. Check out this amazing book for a culinary history of the city along with some really great recipes. There's no place more food-happy than New York, New York... that's all I'm saying :o)


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