Monday, September 21, 2009

I <3 Dumplings

It's true. I'm a fan of dumplings, all kinds of dumplings. I'd say my favorite dumpling is my nephew's cute little face. Yes, it's a dumpling. If you've ever seen him, you'd agree. Pretty much every culture has their variation of a dumpling or turnover. While Chinese food may be most famous for it's variety of dumplings, Italians offer us ravioli, Russians have piroshki, Armenians present boreks, and so on. Today, paired up with the awesome Katie, I got to make the Polish version of dumplings/turnovers called pierogis. The filling is composed of mashed potato, cottage cheese, buttery cooked onions, egg and seasonings, while the dough uses sour cream as a big part of it's liquid element. Put these two components together, fill, seal, boil, and fry on one side and you've got yourself a yummy Polish delight!

Today was my last class for Traditional European Cuisine. I'm thrilled to have aced today's final, but will miss this class a lot. Next up is Essentials of Dining Room, which doesn't appear to be too exciting. I get to set tables and be a waitress. I've been a waitress before and don't particularly care for it. I hope it's a bit more fun than that, but I guess we'll see soon enough. Wish me luck!


Lucine said...

My favorite dumpling is also my son's soft squishy face. hehehe.

The Duo Dishes said...

Sometimes culinary school sounds if you get to make dumplings and cakes and stuff. :) Good luck.

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