Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mmm, Fiber!

First things first... for my nutrition class, as you may recall I was supposed to keep a food record for four days of every single thing I ate or drank, which we then input into a computer program to analyze our diets. I discovered many things I already knew (I don't eat enough fruit, I don't eat enough fruit, I really don't eat enough fruit) and some that I didn't know (apparently I eat just the right amount of grains! I always thought I had too many). Although I have enough grain in my diet, I'm a little low on carbs (eating fruit would help this), and very low on fiber. The recommended amount of fiber for most people is probably very unattainable. They suggest 27-40g a day. I had an average of 10g a day according to my food record. In an effort to find better ways to include fiber in my diet, one great way is using more whole grains as opposed to refined starches.

It just so happens that the day we reviewed our diets in class, I came home to find a package from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program containing two loaves of Nature's Pride bread, one 100% Whole Wheat and the other 12 Grain, each containing 3g or 2g of fiber respectively per slice. It's like the food Gods (aka Foodbuzz) had planned it that way. Now I can start incorporating more fiber by enjoying these yummy breads with my meals to start eating healthier. And they're not only healthy and arrived with perfect timing, but they're really delicious too! Thanks Foodbuzz! I'll definitely buy more of these breads in the future. They even have a Double Fiber 100% Whole Wheat Bread, which I might try!

In other news, this week in my Essentials of Dining Service class, we learned a bit about teas and wines. I already knew more than my share about tea (and probably more than our teacher as I corrected him on the proper brewing temperatures for some of the teas we were discussing), and am hoping to devote a much longer and in depth blog entry to this topic in the future. We tasted a few in class, some were familiar, while a couple were new to me. We learned a bit about wine today as well, which isn't really that new, but still interesting. It got me in the mood to have some (and we ran out of time to do tastings in class today) so I'm thinking I'm going to pour myself a big glass of vino once I'm finished writing this entry.

Okay, I think I'm done ;) Peace!


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