Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Working On My Knife Skillz

Today in class, I peeled, trimmed and cut 6 lbs of carrots into batonnets! It was a very time-consuming task, and the only tools I had were my hands (which I miraculously didn't cut) and a chef's knife. Check out my mad skillz in the photo above :) Next time I think I would wear plastic gloves when tackling a ridiculous amount of carrots as they turned my left hand and nails yellow, and thus required several intense washings. Now I'm sure you're wondering why on Earth would I need 6 lbs of carrots in perfect matchsticks. Well, my dish to prepare today on my own was Braised Onions and Carrots. It may sound boring, but it was really delicious and easily one of my favorite dishes of the day! My awesome buddy Jenn helped me out by slicing up the onions for me, as she had a somewhat less strenuous task of quartering fennel for her dish, and I had the mother-load of carrots and onions to cut as well as 1 1/2 lbs of tomatoes to concasser. The dish was ALMOST vegetarian, but I used chicken stock in the braising liquid, and clarified butter to cook the veggies, but all you vegans/vegetarians could easily replicate this dish using oil and vegetable stock instead with similar results. Check out my sweet photos from today's class...

My gorgeous Braised Onions and Carrots--Check out that amazing color!

I'd love to bathe in a tub of this!
Getting the steam table prepared for service
Braised Short Ribs with Berrichonne Potatoes and Fried Eggplant

Bouef Bourguignon with Noodles and Braised Onions and CarrotsChicken Fricassee with Rice Pilaf and Braised Onions and Carrots
Pork Chops Normande with Stewed Peppers, Tomatoes, Squash and Onions, and Noodles
Basque Fish Stew with Braised Fennel


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