Thursday, January 28, 2010

Egg Flippin' Good

Today I successfully flipped fried eggs for the first time. My eggs probably overcooked severely while I worked up the courage to actually attempt my flip, but regardless I managed to flip them successfully on my first try. And then I flipped them back. This requires a LOT of oil to make sure your omelet pan is well lubricated for flipping, and afterward, I'm not gonna lie, I didn't even have the desire to eat my oil drenched eggs. I ate my omelet instead, which I also made and was NOT drenched completely in oil. My group also made French toast today. If you can't tell already, it was egg day in our Fundamentals class. Other groups worked on quiche, fritatta, and souffles. It was eggtastic! I'm a little over eggs for the time being, which is funny considering how much I love eggs. I definitely out-egged myself today though. Funnily enough, my favorite egg of all was not represented today: the ever wonderful poached egg. Perhaps another time.

Our omelet fillings (onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, and white cheddar cheese!)

My omelet before folding
My omelet may look a little ragged, but it tasted good :)

Fried eggs...

Flipped successfully (with my BARE HANDS and unquestionable skillz!)

Eggs I made

French toast!

Very greasy frittata

Quiche Lorraine

Smoked cheddar souffles

Home fries

Kerri made a mess flipping eggs! One of her eggs flew off the pan in right into the stove top, haha!


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