Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guilt-Free Sweets

These two days in class we've been flip-flopping groups doing their practical exams with others making healthy desserts. Yesterday I had my practical exam where my group made the updated version of our African poached halibut dish with the whole-wheat couscous and steamed sugar snap peas. This time our fish wasn't yellow, and we bumped up the other seasonings. Also, we bumped up the seasonings in the couscous and replaced golden raisins with regular red ones (and increased the quantity), which made the color a lot nicer. See pictures below :)

My practical exam dish and plating design
Today I made some vanilla-almond panna cotta using a mixture of almond milk, half and half, vanilla bean, brown sugar, and gelatin along with some vanilla-mango sauce for serving. Some group members also poached pears in red wine and then reduced the poaching liquid to make a sauce (turned more into a caramel, but we did what we could with it). We served these two desserts together on one plate like a duo. I wasn't liking where our plating was going at first (leaning a pear half on the panna cotta, etc) and suggested we split up and do more than one plating scheme. I didn't want to sacrifice my ideas to please the group like I had in the past (this is the new Victoria after all, haha). I was VERY happy with the result. My plate was gorgeous and everyone in class thought so! A few students even said it was the prettiest plate produced in the whole class! Score! Check it out (along with other dishes from class)...

My gorgeous plate design!

View straight down

Black bean brownies with raspberry coulis... so rich and delicious!

Tres leches cake with caramelized bananas = yum!

Amanda P.'s dish for her practical... braised and seared Indian chicken with brown basmatic rice and broccoli :)


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