Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spotlight: Lineage

242 Havard St
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 232-0065

I dined at Lineage for a rehearsal dinner for my best friend's wedding last August.  Talk about hooking it up!  It was easily the best rehearsal dinner I've been to, and I've been in quite a few weddings!  First of all, Lineage offers not only a seasonal menu, but one that changes daily.  The dishes I enjoyed are not available at this time of year, but they are a great example, I think, of the caliber of food offered year round.  On that warm August evening, I was immediately intrigued by the fig and blue cheese appetizer, but since someone else was paying for the meal, and no one else ordered appetizers, I felt it would be greedy of me to be the only one, so I selected my entree and sucked it up.

My entree was great!  I had the seared sea scallops over English pea risotto.  The scallops tasted like Heaven (as scallops usually do to me when they are cooked perfectly) and the risotto was creamy perfection.  The crispy shallots on top added the right amount of texture to the mostly "soft" dish.  I tasted some of my neighbors' dishes as well, the salmon with orzo and pesto and the sea bass over curry broth and veggies, and both were cooked perfectly with really striking, delicious flavor combinations.  Good so far.

Next, we were given dessert menus, and alas, I saw my fantasy fig dish offered not only as an appetizer but also as a dessert!  And as half of the table opted to order desserts, I saw this as a sign from God that I NEEDED to order the figs, since I had passed them up once and was given another opportunity to try them.  Oh. My. God.  Really.  They were sensational.  I will dream of them always.  For real.

My only complaint was that they only passed around bread to our table once and never returned to see if anyone wanted another roll (we each got only one).  I would have loved another roll, but didn't really want to ask, especially since the restaurant was very busy and we were a large party to begin with.  In any case, Lineage was an amazing meal and everything I tried was delicious.  I would love to return here another time and try out dishes available at other times of the year. The current "sample menu" on their website sounds just as appetizing as the one we were offered in August :)

Pan Seared Striped Bass with Confit Potatoes, Littlenecks, Curry, and Lovage $25

Grilled Atlantic Salmon with Market Green Beans, Toasted Orzo, Tomatoes, and Summer Pesto $23

Seared Sea Scallops with English Pea Risotto, Crisp Shallots, and Truffle Vinaigrette $28

Herb Roasted Half Chicken with Summer Squashes, Baby Spinach, Fingerling Potatoes, Herb Broth, and Lemon $20

Prime Steak Burger on Brioche Bun, with Great Hill Blue Cheese, Grilled Onions, and Herb Fries $14

Warm Black Mission Figs with Great Hill Blue Cheese, Honey, and Sherry Vinegar $9

Chocolate Pot de Crème with Chantilly Cream $8


Jessie said...

That's hard to pick one dish because everything looks great. However, the chocolate lover in me is drooling over that Chocolate Pot de Creme.. oh my god! lol

Victoria K. said...

Totally, haha. If it wasn't for my incredible desire to have those figs, I would have gone for it myself :) Chocolate makes the world go 'round...

Anonymous said...

I love re-reading your posts... especially ones that remind me of such happy occasions! Thanks so much twin.

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