Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunshine Fish

So today I made yellow fish. I meant for it to be yellow. I thought it was pretty awesome. My chef, on the other hand, seemed weirded out, and unfortunately next week when we reproduce these dishes again, our fish will no longer be yellow. Damn. We poached our halibut in a court bouillon of vegetable stock, onions, garlic, turmeric, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, a cinnamon stick, and some spicy sambal. It needed a bigger hit from the spices, and also some salt. We will sadly be omitting the turmeric in the final run. Maybe someday "sunshine fish" will be a huge hit and people all around the world will want to eat yellow fish. A girl can dream...

I also made some really tasty whole wheat couscous with vegetable stock, carrot, red bell pepper, raisins, peanuts, cumin, salt, and fresh mint. It was really good, lots of color and various textures. We will bump up the seasoning on Monday and I'm pretty sure our couscous will be a home run :) We steamed sugar snap peas today as well and tossed them with a minted apricot and lemon glaze, sweetened with a touch of honey. Finally we made a Tunisian tomato and pepper salad to tie in all the flavors. All together, we had a VERY colorful dish! My personal favorite is the Simpsons-style fish, but maybe I'm just biased. What do you think? Would you eat my yellow fish? It was moist and delicious! What's so wrong with yellow? Yellow is the new black. I think everyone could use a little cheer!

African Whole Wheat Couscous (we're going to use red raisins instead of golden next week)

Tunisian Tomato and Pepper Salad

Minted Apricot Sauce

Steamed Sugar Snap Peas with a Minted Apricot Glaze

Poaching the Halibut in the African-Inspired Court Bouillon

Yellow Fish = AWESOME =)

My Beautiful and Colorful Show Plate


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