Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey, Bartender!

Hallelujah!  The class I hated is over (I got an A, regardless of the deep loathing I felt on a daily basis), and I've moved on to Principles of Beverage Service a couple days ago.  For the first week we are focusing on mixology (making cocktails and mixed drinks, and learning about the fermentation and distillation of beers, spirits, liqueurs, etc) and next week we will move onto learning about coffee drinks, red and white wines, and beers.  Needless to say, I'm in a very happy place right now, haha.  We are learning how to make about 20 drinks and are actually being tested on making 12 drinks in 12 minutes tomorrow.  I'm a little nervous and have to study the drink recipes a bit more to make sure I'm confident going into the exam.  Also, yesterday we got to do a bit of tasting of 12 different types of alcohol to compare and contrast.  I've had my share of cocktails and mixed drinks, but don't usually make a habit of drinking hard alcohol on it's own, so it was a pretty interesting experience to try these different flavors on their own.  I hated most of them, haha.  I loved the gin, sweet vermouth, and Chambord the best.  A personal side note, last night I discovered an old unopened bottle of Chambord still in its box in my parents' basement.  They had gotten it maybe 20 years ago as a gift (the price tag says $19.99) and probably had no idea how lucky they were because they never used it.  Now it's alllll mine :)  I'm a very happy camper, haha.  Here are some photos from class this week...

My bar station

Perfect Rob Roy on the Rocks, Smokey Martini on the Rocks, Cape Codder, Bloody Mary

Singapore Sling, Orgasm, Perfect Rob Roy Up

Adding the first bunch, a Martini and a Brandy Alexander

And a Margarita...

Tequila Sunrise, Comfortable Screw, Girl Scout Cookie, Mai Tai

Along with a Whiskey Sour and a Grasshopper

Our Liquor Tasting, Right to Left: Citron Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Scotch, Irish Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, Bourbon, Cognac, Sweet Vermouth, Grappa, and Chambord

Grappa does the funniest thing when you add water... it gets all cloudy!


Anonymous said...

Those cocktails are looking awesome, sounds like you are learning a lot in this class! And you get to taste all the drinks, how cool is that!

Victoria K. said...

Thanks! It really is very interesting and I'm glad that we get to learn all the different sides of the industry. I definitely understand now why a bartender will just ignore you if they are really busy and you stand there pestering them to pay attention to you, haha. It all makes sense now. They work EXTREMELY hard!

Lucine said...

Ok, so are you ready to play bartender at the Christening?? hehehe. I'm totally craving a good Bloody Mary right now!

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