Friday, March 12, 2010

A Bavarian Flower

Today in class we plated our Bavarian creams that we had made yesterday.  We worked with chocolate to make some decorations for garnishing our plates as well, and continued to play with sauces and other fun techniques.  My group had made coffee Bavarian creams as you may have noticed in yesterday's post.  They were in a somewhat leaf shape so we decided to play off of that and make our plate look like a flower.  I think it was fun and playful, but still looked pretty and appetizing.  In fact, when we served them later in the dining room, I was told that a female diner when presented with our "flower" coffee Bavarian whipped out her camera and took a picture.  That's a pretty great compliment, haha!  Here are the plates from today's class!

Our un-molded coffee Bavarian creams

We drizzled half of them with dark and white chocolate and left the other half plain

"Flower" coffee Bavarian creams!

So pretty and festive for spring!  We added a bent triangular almond lace cookie, some creme Anglaise and raspberry coulis for the flower, and some blackberry coulis and mango coulis for the dots to the left

Amaretto Bavarian cream

Kahlua Bavarian cream with an almond lace "cannoli" with strawberry cream

Raspberry-filled Bavarian cream with a strawberry compote

Vanilla and cinnamon Bavarian cream with a chocolate-dipped tuile spoon!

Orange Bavarian cream over a sweet kadayef crisp


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