Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poached Pears with Sabayon

Today in class we not only revisited our poached pears and baked apples, but we also made Bavarian creams.  My group made a coffee-infused Bavarian cream, which we will plate tomorrow.  We also worked on our white wine-poached pear dish by straining the poaching liquid and reducing it into a syrup.  We used some of the syrup to make a sabayon sauce (which is basically equal parts egg yolks whipped until light and fluffy, and the wine/syrup... we also added some orange liquor since we had used some orange peel and orange liquor in the poaching liquid along with other spices too) and the rest of the syrup we used to glaze the pears to make them shinier.  We chose to plate the pears sliced on a bias and we used a blow torch on the sabayon to give it a nice brulee-style crust.  We also added a powdered-sugar dusted tuile twist for an added crunch.  Yum!  Here are some photos from today's class...

Basically a Coffee Creme Anglaise

After Folding in the Whipped Cream

And Into the Molds

Sabayon Sauce, Fluffy and Delicious!

Our Glazed Poached Pears

Our White Wine Poached Pear over Bruleed Sabayon with a Tuile Cookie Twist

Red Wine Poached Pear with Gingerbread

Another Red Wine Poached Pear From Another Group

A White Wine Poached Pear with Gingerbread

Baked Apple with Gingerbread and Caramel

Another Baked Apple

A Chocolate Demo :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing creations! I especially love the white wine poached pears with the decadent sabayon sauce!

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