Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Almost Done with Classical French

I have a couple days worth of class updates to share today.  First off, I hurt my back this morning and was less than thrilled that in my fairly immobile state I had to do my practical exam, but I ended up doing really well!  I had about 1 1/2 hours to put together a full plate on my own, one portion of protein, starch, and veg.  I made a pork chop Normandy (which is basically braised with apples in a sauce of demi-glace, apple cider, shallots, and Dijon mustard, haricot verts with almonds, and mashed potatoes.  My practical exam plate is pictured above.  It's not super fancy, but I think it looks nice.  We weren't really being graded on our plating, but we all still made an effort to put together something nice to look at :) I didn't want to pipe out my mashed potatoes with a piping bag like most other students did because I personally can't imagine eating mashed potatoes in a fancy restaurant that happened to serve them, and seeing them piped with a star tip.  I think my dish looked kind of rustic and refined at the same time... all the components were piping hot, and most importantly it tasted good!

Here are the photos from yesterday... I made this first soup :)

Crème Argenteuil (Cream of Asparagus Soup)

Consommé aux Diablotins (Consomme with Cheese Croutons)

Noques  de Semoule sur Épinard (Fried Dumplings with Spinach) 

Caneton Rôti aux Pêches (Roasted Duck with Peaches) 

Darne de Saumon à la Choron (Salmon Steak with Choron) 

Filet de Boeuf Wellington (Beef Wellington)

Ris de Veau à la Veronique (Veal Sweetbreads with Seedless Grapes) 

Show Plates from yesterday

And here are the photos from today's class, minus the one at the very top of my practical plate :)

Petite Marmite

Velouté Chartreuse (Veloute with Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and Foie Gras)

Champignons Farcis à la Duxelle (Mushrooms Stuffed with Duxelles)

Caille en Nids de Pommes de Terre aux Cerises (Quail with a Potato Basket and Cherries)

Côte de Veau Prince Orloff (Veal Chop with Soubise Sauce)

Côtes de Porc à la Normande (Pork Chop Normandy)

Sole de Douvres à la Meunière (Dover Sole Meuniere)


Lazaro Cooks! said...

I hope the back gets better. Beautifully presented dishes. Great job. Get well soon. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dishes! Hope you feel better!

Victoria K. said...

Thank you! I'm definitely on my way to a full recovery :)

Juliana said...

Yummie, everything looks so delicious...love the pictures! Hope you feel better soon :-)

Chow and Chatter said...

wow your blog is drool worthy
hope your black gets better

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