Monday, April 12, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Soul

It's not just chicken soup for the soul... it's ACTUAL chicken soup!  Really, it's Crème de Volaille Princesse, which is just fancy talk for cream of chicken soup with asparagus.  This was my mission today, if I chose to accept it (I did), and it was quite delicious. I also made a giant pot of chicken stock, just so you know.  For the soup, I poached some chopped chicken breast in chicken stock, reserved it, made a roux, added the chicken stock in which I had poached the chicken, fresh thyme sprigs, fresh bay leaves, salt and white pepper, and cooked it to thicken.  I then strained it, tempered in heavy cream, and voila!  There you have a fancy-sounding veloute-based chicken soup!  Steam some asparagus tips for garnish, and it sounds even fancier.

Crème de Volaille Princesse (Cream of Chicken Soup with Asparagus)

Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée (French Onion Soup)

Canard Rôti au Poivre Vert (Roasted Duck with Green Peppercorns)

Carré d’Agneau Persillade (Rack of Lamb with Parsley)

Escalope de Veau à la Crème (Veal Cutlet with Mushroom Cream Sauce)

Pâtes aux Fruits de Mer (Pasta with Seafood)

Salade de Champignons (Mushroom Salad)


Rebecca Subbiah RD said...

great soup and wow I am impressed with your Indian cooking my hubby is Indian Rebecca

Victoria K. said...

Thanks, Rebecca! I had attempted Indian food on several occasions and hadn't quite gotten it down, but I think this time I succeeded!! Yay!!!

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