Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eat Your Greens

I have never really been much of a salad person.  Just ask my mom.  The only salads I really enjoy are salads that have lots of "stuff" in them.  Dressed lettuce has never really done it for me.  When I was assigned to make the salad today for our menu, I was less than thrilled.  I looked over the recipe and then started to realize that it might not suck after all.  I would be making a watercress salad (I like watercress) topped with halved cherry tomatoes, chopped radishes, chopped boiled potatoes, grated (through a chinois gros) hard-boiled eggs and a yummy yogurt-based dressing with a bit of a spicy kick.  This wasn't a boring salad.  The components were a bit time consuming to prepare.  Even just picking and cleaning the watercress took time, as I had a massive amount to do.  In the end, I polished off an entire plate of my salad, but not before one of the other teachers came by and saw my show plate and asked if we could save her a plate of salad.  Yes ma'am!

My mise en place (I later put the dressing in a squeeze bottle) 

Salade à la Cressonnière (Watercress Salad)

Consommé Royale (Consomme with Custard)

Crème Bretonne (Pureed Navy Bean Soup)

Huîtres Florentine (Oysters Florentine)

Selle d'Agneau Richelieu (Roast Saddle of Lamb)

Filet de Sole Dugléré (Fillet of Sole Dugléré) 

Suprême de Volaille Henri IV (Chicken Breast Henri IV) 


Lucine said...

omg, another set of fabulous-looking dishes! And your salad does look wonderful! Hope to try it sometime.....

Heather W. said...

poultry supreme sounds so much better than "chicken breast"... I love French! :D

Victoria K. said...

I really means "the best part of the chicken/poultry" which of course translates to the breast, haha. It really does sound so much better! I love French too! :-D My love affair will never end...

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