Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Brunch

There are few holidays better suited for brunch than Mother's Day.  Perhaps because our mothers have spent their whole lives feeding us and taking care of us, we feel that on this special day we'd better thank them by filling their bellies with lots and lots of eggs, pancakes, home fries, bacon, and the likes.  Today for both my mother and my sister (who is a mother), I made Eggs Benedict with Avocado and Choron Sauce with a side of Home Fries.  I was also feeding my dad and brother-in-law (they're human too!), so there were 5 of us dining.

I heated the oven to 250 degrees F to keep everything warm in there as I assembled our brunch.  10 English muffin halves were toasted, buttered, and put in the oven to stay warm.  They were then topped with avocado slices squirted with a little lemon juice... back into the oven while I reheated the home fries on the stove top (I had made them earlier to save time).

Meanwhile, I made the Choron sauce, which is basically a Bearnaise or Hollandaise with the addition of a tomato product (in this case tomato sauce).  I thought the tomato would compliment the avocado really nicely and also add a great color to the plate as opposed to serving a traditional yellow Hollandaise (also good).  I whisked 3 egg yolks with a little water over a double boiler until slightly thickened and frothy.  Then I slowly emulsified clarified butter (1 stick) in a thin stream into the egg yolk/water mixture (the water thins out the mixture slightly and also helps it emulsify more easily).  After I added all the butter, I added a little lemon juice, salt, and some tomato sauce until I had the flavor I was looking to achieve.  I kept it warm in the double boiler, over very low heat, and whisked it occasionally to keep it warm and to prevent the edges from crusting.

While the sauce was kept warm and the English muffins and avocados were prepped, I cracked 10 eggs into 10 small individual bowls and began simmering a wide pot of water with some lemon juice or vinegar in it (the acid helps keep the egg together when you poach it).  You don't want the water to boil.  It should have some small bubbles, but nothing really permeating the surface.  One at a time, I slid the cracked eggs from their bowls into the water, very gently.  I had a very wide pot, so I poached about 5 at a time, then removed them with a wide slotted skimmer and put them on a plastic tray until all of the eggs were done.  I then placed a poached egg onto each avocado-topped muffin half and put it back in the oven to stay warm.  I finished heating the home fries and gave my sauce another whisk or two and then finally was ready to assemble our plates!

 Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful brunch! The eggs benedict looks so good with Choron sauce!

Lou said...

Sounds amazing! Love the addition of tomato for color and flavor to the sauce.

Victoria K. said...

Thanks! My mommy deserves the best, haha :)

Lucine said...

That sauce was truly the highlight of the dish!!!

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