Monday, June 21, 2010

Nature's Pride Premium Harvest

I was lucky enough to receive some Nature's Pride Premium Harvest bakery buns and deli rolls recently, through my participation in FoodBuzz's Tastemaker program.  Last year I got to try out some of their delicious sliced breads, and this year that sent some more products to try out.  I received a package of Country White Deli Rolls, a package of Country White Bakery Buns, and a package of 100% Whole Wheat Bakery Buns.  I tried out the deli rolls first, utilizing them for some sausage and peppers.  I thought the bun was nice and dense and held up really well to a heartier sausage.  In fact, I think a hot dog would probably find itself lost in this somewhat larger roll.  Lobster salad would probably be great served in this bread, which really had a great texture and didn't get soggy whatsoever with the fillings we put in it.  I only wish it was split more evenly in the center as opposed to slightly off to one side as it was, which made one side more bread-dense than the other.  I also had to slightly tear at the bun to open it up deeper since it wasn't really cut that far down.  Otherwise, it was a really delicious and hearty roll perfect for just about any occasion.

I also tried some of the bakery buns, the 100% Whole Wheat ones, to be exact.  I used some leftover rotisserie chicken, which I shredded and then mixed with some caramelized onions and barbecue sauce to make a quick bbq chicken to fill the bakery buns.  I thought the whole wheat buns were really delicious.  They were also quite hearty and dense, like the country white variety, and didn't get soggy with the bbq sauce at all.  They really held their own :)  I imagine these buns might be a little large for some burgers, or a bit bulky if you are watching your carbs, but you are definitely getting your money's worth either way.  A lot of bread per bun/roll.  All in all, Nature's Pride never fails to satisfy.  I found their new line of buns and rolls to be as delicious as the sliced bread I had tried last year and I would definitely consider purchasing these products for my next cookout.


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