Sunday, July 25, 2010

A "Crazy" Good Time!

Most people draw hearts in the sand. Or write their names. But I write my blog name, and conduct an impromptu mini photo shoot, because I'm just that cool.  When the "photo shoot" was over, my assistant Alex helped me clean up the mess.  Don't you just want to bite him?  I do!

We had brought my nephew Alex to the beach for the first time! He's 21 months old, and he absolutely loved it!  Splashing around in the water, playing with the sand, pouring water into holes that were dug.  It was a new and exciting experience for him, and I'm so happy I was there to share it :)

After our morning at the beach, we headed to Crazy Burger, also in Narragansett, RI. I had heard really great things over the years (it had also been featured on the Food Network before), but hadn't managed to actually get my butt here, so we finally planned on going this time around.  We got a little lost, but that was probably our fault :) I opted for their Loco Burger, which features a beef burger, black beans, avocado, and cheddar cheese, grilled into a flour tortilla and topped with salsa.  It was like a cross between a burger and a burrito.  I loved it!  It satisfied the Mexican food craving I always seem to have (and who doesn't love avocados?!), balanced with a juicy, meaty burger cooked exactly as I had requested.  Perfection! I look forward to trying some of their other "crazy" burger creations :)

 Loco Burger with Sweet Potato Fries


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