Thursday, July 1, 2010

One For The Road...

I'm going to Montreal for the weekend with my parents.  My family used to go to Montreal all the time when I was growing up, but I haven't gone in years.  I decided to join them this time around because I'm honestly not sure when I'll get the chance to go again, with so many changes coming up in the near future.  We always drive from Rhode Island to Montreal, and it generally takes about 6-7 hours.  My parents had planned on taking sandwiches for the drive up, but are not snack-minded as I am.  I know I'll need at least one snack depending on whether I'm craving salty or sweet.  My parents had a huge bag of mixed nuts in the freezer (they keep longer there) and I had some dried cranberries leftover from that week I used some in a salad :)  I stopped off at the market to get some dark chocolate M&Ms, because they are just SO much better than milk chocolate ones.  Mix 'em all together and you've got yourself some really delicious and easy trail mix (you don't even really need a recipe, but I'll include one anyway).  The second snack I'm taking with us is a bag of Reduced Fat Cape Cod Potato Chips... snacky happiness, my guilty pleasure!  At least I get the reduced fat kind, haha.  Tune in for updates from Monteal (and yes I'm spending the 4th of July in a country other than my own, booo on me)!

Trail Mix
Makes about 8 cups

4 cups mixed nuts
2 cups dried cranberries
12.6 oz bag dark chocolate m&ms (about 2 cups)

Mix everything together. Enjoy!


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