Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tea Week Contest Submissions!

I am so thrilled with the submissions for the Tea Week Contest!  These bloggers found really delicious and unique ways of utilizing tea in cooking, between a savory dish and several sweet ones! There was a salmon poached in a broth flavored with tea, blueberries and honey, a luscious ice cream infused with peppermint tea, three separate submissions from a very enthusiastic blogger who made tea-infused fruit sushi with matcha egg cream, meringue sandwiches stuffed with chocolate, and a colorful cocktail, and finally gorgeous checkerboard cookies utilizing matcha tea instead of chocolate.  Click on the links to see the original posts with recipes and more photos.  Voting will take place all this week and end at midnight EST on Friday, July 16th (I guess that's technically Saturday morning? haha)!  Check out the poll below to pick your favorite!

Sockeye Salmon Poached in Blueberry Earl Grey Broth

Pick Your Favorite Tea Week Contest Recipe!


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