Monday, August 2, 2010

Ain't No Party Like a Pirashki Party

'Cause a Pirashki party don't stop!  Many of you may think I'm drunk right now in typing this... I'm not.  Pirashkis are awesome enough to change song lyrics to make songs about them, they really are!  They are fried dough shaped like footballs and usually filled with either cooked ground meat, mashed potatoes, or cheese and they are served dipped in a seasoning mixture of paprika, black pepper and salt :) These Russian treats are irresistible.  My friend Allen's mom makes the best Pirashkis I've had, and one of these days I'm going to get the recipe and try it myself!  Until then, we had a joyous celebration earlier today, just two days after Allen's beautiful wedding, we dined like kings on Pirashkis, a glorious and filling send-off before the happy couple heads to their honeymoon tomorrow morning.  Here is a little teaser until the day (not sure when) I try and make these myself, and share the recipe!


Meat filling and potato filling!

The Pirashki Club (the far cooler version of the Breakfast Club) enjoying our Pirashkis!

Pirashki coma!! Ate tooooooo much!

Hail the Almighty Pirashki!!

Congrats, Allen and Diane!!


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