Friday, August 27, 2010

Fish Tacos Dinner and Giveaway Winner!

Whoa, I rhymed ;-) First of all I would love to share my awesome dinner tonight with you all.  Some of my newer readers may not remember this oldie, but goodie, from over a year ago.  I made some delicious fried fish tacos for a Shark Party (more on Shark Parties later this weekend...psst I'm having one tomorrow!).  It was a huge hit and about time I made them again! Instead of using mango in the salsa as I originally did, this time I used peaches and it was just as delicious!  I also paired it with some delicious refried black beans.  I put them in a casserole, topped with crumbled Cotija cheese, and baked to melt. Yum yum!!  Add a Corona with lime and you have a great Friday night meal! Check out these recipes and try it yourself.

Perfectly fried panko-breaded fish 

Peach-Radish Salsa 

Now for the CSN Stores giveaway!!  Thanks to everyone who participated! I used to select a winner and here she is... entry #1, Lucy! Congrats, Lucy! Enjoy your prize :)


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