Monday, August 30, 2010

One Step at a Time

Life is full of challenges.  When I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago, I shared a one-bedroom apartment with a friend who slept on an air mattress while I slept on a fold-up cot with a permanent ditch in the middle (hello, back pain).  We had a cockroach problem, and I would have to unload half a can of Raid on each of those suckers to get them to stop twitching before I could calm down.  It isn't easy moving to a city and starting from scratch. Oftentimes you're greeted with unwelcome guests, yuck.

In less than a week, I'm starting all over again. You may recall an announcement I made back in May about my upcoming internship at the Food Network, and as the summer has been ticking away I've been preparing for this very major step in my life.  See, I don't consider my 2 1/2-month long internship this fall to be a temporary thing.  I plan on staying in New York City for the long haul, for better or worse (hopefully not worse, that would really suck).  The internship itself is in the Food Network kitchens in the offices above Chelsea Market, a New York City institution.  I am thrilled to call this my job site! It houses incredible restaurants, unique and wonderful food shops, and even some clothing stores.  It's about a block or two from the Hudson River and only blocks from the nearby Meatpacking District and even the West Village and Greenwich Village.  I look forward to learning all that the Food Network has to offer in their expansive kitchens from their knowledgeable staff.  These months will be quite special, I'm sure.

For living arrangements, I have looked far and wide, asked pretty much everyone I know in the city to keep their ears peeled for sublets and other short-term housing options.  I certainly can't get an apartment of my own without any semblance of a real job post-internship, especially at New York City prices.  I have been blessed with a free place to stay!  Did you hear that? A FREE place to stay!  I couldn't ask for more... well, maybe I could :)  It's in a very nice and safe part of Queens, very close to a subway stop which will take me straight to Chelsea.  Picture perfect.  I will have my own room, privacy, etc etc.  A few challenges I will have to face however (nothing in life is handed to you)... I will have to learn to live without TV or internet.  Pause for reaction.  Okay, I can probably live without TV (a lot of people do, but it will take adjustment nonetheless), I have DVDs I could always watch on my laptop if I wanted to (plus I'll be living in freaking New York so why should I stay home watching TV?!), so that's not a huge deal. But internet? What about my blog?! That is of course the first thought to come to mind.  I have a Blackberry to check emails and such, but what about my blog?! And in that case, even regularly reading all my other favorite blogs, when will that happen? Well, if "borrowing" a neighbor's wireless internet is out of the question, I will simply have to limit my blog posts to those brought to you directly from a nearby Starbucks :) Or just type my posts offline and use a flash drive to upload them from an online computer.  A little out of the way, but it will have to do.  I mean, what else are my options in someone else's home that lacks internet?  Especially if I'm only planning on staying a few months.

Also the kitchen is not super cooking-friendly.  I know most New York kitchens aren't due to their size, but this one is cluttered and not used very often, and I'm not quite sure how comfortable I feel rearranging another person's kitchen clutter, mind you I'm pretty sure my vast collection of kitchen items won't be coming with me for these first few months.  So suffice it to say, my recipe posts this fall will probably be limited.  I will focus my posts more on the experiences of moving to and working in New York City, dining in New York City, and the "challenging" world of cooking in New York City... in a small and foreign kitchen... without most of my kitchen tools.  It's almost like Survivor: NYC, or like Mission: Impossible, no?  My aptly-named blog will gladly accept the challenge head on, as the almost dorm-like experience will fortunately push my butt out the door to actually experience my new life in this new city (and get some much needed exercise) and probably give me a lot more to write about (from Starbucks, of course)!  I just wanted to make my readers aware of these changes in my kitchen lifestyle that will most likely affect the frequency and general types of posts you will find on Mission: Food in the very near future (September - November).  My readers mean so much to me, and I hope you will all continue to check in to see how my amazing internship and extensive food explorations in this incredibly culinary-centric city will pan out.  Once my internship ends, I really hope to find a more permanent job and an apartment with my very own, pocket-sized, New York City kitchen (hopefully free of cockroaches).  Fingers crossed! :-D


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