Saturday, September 11, 2010

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made

I'm a masochist. I must be for moving to NYC. I mean, why would anyone want to live here?  It boasts gargantuan cockroaches, bed bugs (huge epidemic right now), mice, more rats than people, long commutes, smelly garbage on the streets, way-too-expensive real estate, and other crap.  But for some reason, I just love the damn place.  I can't get enough.  I love express trains, I love the restaurants, I love how easily accessible it is using public transportation, I love aimlessly walking around the city, I love that you can find anything you want here, I love my internship, and I love my friends.  I haven't spent too much social time with most of my friends yet.  In fact I've only seen a few of them so far.  Work is very tiring and my commute is long.

I'm not gonna complain though, no sir. This week has been a pretty great first week.  I got to work on Throwdown with Bobby Flay (I have a candid photo of Bobby, but not gonna share it... sorry guys... don't want to lose my job or anything!), was involved in prepping ingredients for their test kitchen segments for various episodes (and will probably have a cameo working in the background!), worked on family meals, helped prep ingredients for Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, and went home each and every single day with excruciating pain in my feet.  I mean excruciating!  How did I used to do it?  I used to work in television for 12+ hours a day, literally running around.  I guess standing on my feet for about 8 hrs straight is even worse, even in my comfy shoes.  At least when you walk around or alternate between standing and sitting your feet have less stress on them.  In any case, the pain in my feet and the long commute have prevented me from spending too much time just hanging out in the city after work.  I'm so anxious to sit down by the time it ends, I head straight for the subway, haha.  I can't exactly run home, relax, and then head back to the city to socialize.  Impossible.  One night this week I did meet some friends in the city for dinner, and although I had to kill two hours ON MY FEET (walking in circles around Chelsea since I was already there) until dinner time rolled around, it was worth it to see their familiar faces :) My friend suggested we go to Co. in Chelsea since it wasn't too far from work.  She says that Martha Stewart loves it.  So that's where we went!

230 9th Ave
(between 24th St & 25th St)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 243-1105

Co. (pronounced Company) is a very trendy gourmet pizza spot in Chelsea.  Their limited menu boasts a selection of breads with various spreads, salads, soups, meat and cheese platters, and brick oven Roman-style "pies."  The pizza crusts are created by master bread baker Jim Lahey of Sullivan St. Bakery, so you know they are exceptional.  They are delicious, thin, crusty, smoky, and charred, just like a good brick oven pizza should be.  They don't offer make-you-own pizzas, but instead have a range of specialty pizzas that can tickle all your taste buds, depending on your mood.  On this particular evening, our table of five ordered two margheritas, a ham and cheese, a popeye, and a flambé.  Each pizza is individually sized, but a generous portion.  One could EASILY not finish their own pizza, and an additional appetizer or two could make a pizza very sharable.

I got the flambé pie, which was covered in Béchamel sauce, Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, caramelized onions, and crispy lardons (thick-cut bacon strips).  SWOON!!  It was not your traditional NYC pie, but it was very well done.  I inhaled the whole thing, and shockingly enough, it did not sit heavily in my stomach.  I was worried that the choice of toppings would be heavy and I wouldn't be able to finish it, but it really wasn't at all!  Two of my friends tasted my pizza and they really loved it too.  Not a single diner left unsatisfied with their choice.  My friends had been there before and suggested it for dinner, knowing full well that I'm a huge foodie, and I'm so grateful to have friends who know me (and my stomach) so well :) Good times!  The only draw is that it's definitely NOT inexpensive.  The pizzas (which serve one) cost over $15 on average (I actually did the math, haha).  But you know, they wouldn't call it gourmet pizza if it didn't have a gourmet price tag, right?  Good ingredients cost money.  I'd still go back, regardless of the price.  These creative pizzas are delicious!

Flambé - Béchamel Sauce, Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheeses, Caramelized Onions, Lardons $16


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