Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off To a Good Start

Today I climbed a ladder.  Almost to the top.  I'd like to say it was a social ladder, or a corporate ladder, and I'm currently the new VP at the Food Network, but it was just a regular old ladder.  I can't remember the last time I climbed one.  I had to collect some ingredients from a ridiculously high cupboard.  I carefully placed the ladder firmly on the ground, and climbed high up to retrieve several boxes of light brown sugar.  I didn't fall.  I was quite pleased with myself.  It was a small feat, but a clutz like me needs to worry about these things.  I made it up and down the ladder without harming myself, and I made it through my first day at my Food Network internship with great success (as Borat would say).

It was a pretty slow day, and I know that things will pick up more starting tomorrow.  Because of legal reasons (even though I didn't actually read half of the confidentiality documents I signed) I'm sure I can't share all of the details of my daily activities, but I can share some non-Top Secret ones!  First of all, I would like to thank everyone who was so supportive through my drama-filled move to the city.  I'm still looking for a more long term arrangement, but I'm so touched by all the comments and support :)  My commute today wasn't so bad.  I got to work in about 1 hour and 15 minutes, which is really pretty good considering how far away I am.  I don't expect to make it that fast regularly though.

One of my major duties today, on my very first day, was to make family meal with one of the other interns.  Family meal is basically lunch for the staff, using up a lot of ingredients that need to be used right away.  I'm told that usually about three interns prepare family meal, but today it was just me (on my first day!) and another intern.  I was told by the other intern (who had been working here for months already) that it's a pretty big deal to prepare family meal on my first day, and that it's a great opportunity to show what I'm made of since all of the chefs would be eating the meal we prepare.  Based on some of the ingredients we had to use, the other intern suggested we make Paella with sausage and butter-poached langoustines, pasta with tomato sauce, French fries cooked in duck fat, and some salad.  I pointed out that the meal was a little carb heavy, and we decided to save the duck fat-cooked fries for another day.  While he prepped the Paella, I focused on making the pasta sauce, based on a Mario Batali recipe that was provided, and a nice simple salad with a mixture of greens, a Dijon vinaigrette, and some Kalamata olives (there were no fresh or sun-dried tomatoes, or feta cheese, or else I would have gone more in that direction with it, haha).

When another employee tasted my sauce, she said she liked it, but wondered if I should add sugar.  I've never added sugar to any pasta sauce I've made although I know people do that.  She suggested that my boss taste it too, to make a final decision on sugar vs no sugar.  My boss smiled and said, "let the intern figure it out."  I decided against adding sugar because I liked the way it tasted, and have never had any complaints about my sugar-free pasta sauces, haha.  We served our three dishes to the staff for lunch, and at the end of lunch both my salad and pasta were completely demolished, and only half of the Paella remained.  I guess that's a sign that they liked my dishes, as simple as they were, everyone enjoyed them :) That's definitely a great sign on my first day of work!!

Half-eaten family meal (poor quality Blackberry photo *sorry!*)


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