Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giveaway, Blogger Tag, and Awards, Oh My!

I have several things to share today!  Get excited... because the first one is a GIVEAWAY!  Oh yes, Mission: Food is giving YOU exactly what you want.  You mean, you don't know what you want? Well, that's okay because I'm giving away a $40 gift certificate to CSN Stores!  You can pick out almost anything!  They have over 200 stores in which you can purchase nightstands, blenders, and even train sets for kids, like my sister recently purchased for her son!  Just visit to check out the different stores.  My favorite is :)  Entering the giveaway is easy.  There are several ways to enter, and you don't need to have a blog to participate.  You can have up to 5 entries depending on how many of the following you do.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry, but you don't have to do them all to enter!

1) Leave a comment telling me what you would buy if you won the giveaway. There is no right or wrong answer. I just like knowing everybody's business, that's all :) 

2) Become a "fan" or "like" Mission: Food on Facebook and leave a separate comment telling me you did.  If you're already a fan, just leave a comment telling me so.

3) Follow Mission: Food on Google Friend Connect (that cute little box with the faces to the right, that says "follow") and leave a separate comment telling me you've done it.  If you already follow me on Google Friend connect, just leave a comment.

4) Subscribe to my RSS Feed (that funny radioactive looking orange box under where it says, "subscribe to" on the right hand margin) and leave a separate comment telling me you've subscribed.  If you already subscribe to my feed, just leave a comment.

5) Follow me on Twitter @missionfood (click on the blue bird to the right) and tweet the following: "Enter to win a $40 CSN Stores gift certificate from @missionfood"  Leave a separate comment telling me you've done this.  If you already follow me, just tweet the above statement and leave a comment here.

See how easy that is!  Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry (that's 5 comments if you do all 5).  The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on November 4th (in 1 week).  I will randomly select a winner!  Good luck everyone!!

News #2: I've been tagged again in another game of blogger tag, this time by Jill at The Homegrown Gourmet, another awesome blog I love!  I will answer the questions because I'm a good sport, but since I've been tagged recently and already tagged a bunch of bloggers with my fun questions, I'm not going to tag more people.  So just read and enjoy... or if you don't care what I have to say, you can just skip to News #3 below :) But aren't you just a little bit curious...?

1- What is your "cringe" food and why?
I eat almost everything, but I generally hate dill.  I hated how in Armenia people put it in everything, and so much of it too. Like it was going out of style. So unnecessary. There are few things that contain dill that I actually enjoy, but one of which is this cold vegetarian grape leaf dish that is SOOO good, but it's one of few tolerable dill dishes in the world for me.  I can taste a drop of dill in anything, and thus I usually am disappointed after the first bite.

2-You are on an episode of "Chopped" and your mystery basket includes a durian fruit, langoustine, panetone and a bottle of Jagermeister. Since drinking the jager and passing out is not one of your options...what would you make?
So first of all, I had to Google durian fruit, haha.  Some accounts say it tastes like rotten onions (yum... not!) so I'm gonna go buck wild with this, and make a crazy mac and cheese.  Kinda like lobster mac and cheese, I would use the langoustines as a mix-in, and use some diced up durian fruit in the base (maybe a mass of cheese will cover up the flavor and odor? haha), use some of the Jager also in the sauce (I'm sure a little goes a long way), and then finish it off with some fresh panetone crumbs on top!  And of course bacon.  I love sweet and salty with bacon-wrapped dates so maybe crumbled bacon with the panetone would add a salty sweet crunch which wouldn't taste too weird on the mac and cheese.  I would probably lose, but given the randomness of the ingredients, I think it could be interesting, haha.  Great question!

3- If you had to compare your life experiences to an episode of Doctor Phil or Jerry Springer...which would it be and why?
Um, not too sure how to answer this.  I don't watch Doctor Phil and have seen enough Jerry Springer to assure you all that my life does not contain any Jerry Springer material, haha.  I guess maybe if I was on Dr. Phil I would talk about issues I have with anxiety, especially related to blood and needles and injuries, all of which are not friends of mine.  I fainted once when I went to have blood drawn, even before they got to take the blood because in all their trouble finding my veins (I'm convinced they shrink away in fear) I had a panic attack.  It was really scary, for all of you who have never had a panic attack or fainted from having one.  That would probably be my Dr. Phil moment :)

4- What is your most embarrassing food-related moment?
Embarrassing? Can it be a drink-related moment?  Well, there was one time when I lived in LA when some relatives called to say they were in the neighborhood and were going to stop by and visit.  I was still in my PJs and quickly got myself together to greet them.  I offered to make them coffee since I had nothing on hand, and was actually sick and not really up to visitors, but I digress.  I had purchased this coffee maker a while ago and had never used it.  My roommate used it all the time, but I hadn't, and so I didn't really know what measurments to use since I'm not much of a coffee drinker.  In my defense I bought it to brew coffee to use in baking.  So yeah.  Anyway, I made them coffee and they drank it, and after they left I tasted some and it was the most disgusting cup of coffee I've ever tasted.  And I served it to people.  I felt SO bad!!  They probably thought, "what's wrong with this girl, she can't even make coffee," but yeah, that was embarrassing.

5- If you were placing an ad on a singles web site what would you say about yourself?
Vivacious brunette.  Loves movies, food, and culture.  Drinks beer and an occasional cocktail.  Super organized most of the time.  Enjoys a balance of city-life and nature.  Loves to laugh and make other people laugh.  Knows a lot of  "stuff" and likes to tell stories.  Once worked with famous people (and is slightly famous herself, or so she likes to think).  May be a grown up, but never really wants to grow up.  Thinks life is too short to be serious all the time.

6- Complete the following sentence with one word (the first one that comes to your mind):
The most important thing in life is............. happiness.

7. The sorting hat would probably send you to which "house".....Slitherin, Griffindor, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff?
Definitely Griffindor, haha :)

8. In your own opinion, what is your most admirable trait?
Probably my sense of humor. People tell me I'm funny. (This is where my sister would respond, "yeah, funny looking"... oh how I love her.)

News #3: Oh, but there's more!  I recently got the "One Lovely Blog Award." Twice.  I got the same award from two different bloggers!  First, I got it from Alisha at The Ardent Epicure, and then from Beth at Of Muses and Meringues.  Thank you so much, ladies!  I appreciate it so much, especially since this is my first award ever, and I got it TWICE, haha!  Like Alisha, I am going to deter from the "rules" of recipients reposting the award, yada yada yada, and instead just mention some of my favorite bloggers.  If they'd like to pass it on, that's fine, but there's no rule :)  I consider each of these blogs a must-read, easily some of my favorites on my blog roll.  The people behind the blogs are so friendly and supportive of other bloggers as well.  I really feel a sense of community when I'm reading their blogs.  Not only do they create some amazing looking food, but they genuinely share a part of themselves on their blog.  I think they are all deserving of some recognition.  Some of these bloggers are even now my friends :)  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to give the award back to the blogs that gave it to me, but either way you should check out both their blogs as well!

Rebecca @ Chow and Chatter
Joanne @ Eats Well with Others
Lazaro @ Lazaro Cooks
Biren @ Roti n Rice
Adelina @ My Tasty Handbook
Natasha @ 5 Star Foodie
Michelle @ Fun and Fearless in Beantown
Reeni @ Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice
S @ The Baking Barrister
Sues and Chels @ We Are Not Martha
Christine @ Fresh Local and Best
Dana @ Food For Thought

Feel free to pass it on, or just revel in the love and popularity I have just given you :-D Either way works for me!


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