Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holy Cheese Balls!

When I was little, my favorite junk food was Planter's Cheese Balls.  I would gnaw on each radioactively orange cheese ball as it would dissolve in my mouth, it's salty, cornmealy flavor getting stuck in my teeth.  I loved it!  When my grandparents wanted to buy me a treat, they knew to select these cheese balls as they would always leave me happy.

Just a note, I didn't eat a lot of junk food as a child, but these were definitely my pick if I was allowed to indulge in something "bad."  Many many years ago, Planter's discontinued these, and for some reason, no other brand seemed to make cheese balls.  I looked far and wide.  Even my best friend in Boston once searched for them in order to surprise me, but had no luck.  Well, the title of this blog is Mission: Food and my mission was to find these, but after years of failure, I had accepted my loss and stored the painful memory into the recesses of my consciousness.

That is until now!!  What do you know, all I had to do in order to find cheese balls was move to New York!  Less than an hour ago I was in Rite Aid purchasing some necessities when I walked by the snack aisle and stopped dead in my tracks.  Before me were GIANT TUBS OF CHEESE BALLS!  Each contained 1 lb 7 oz of bright orange cheesy goodness!  And to top it all off... they were on SALE!  I know!!  I saved $1.50 on a trip down memory lane, and now I can't resist gnawing on these salty morsels, basking in their orange glow, like tiny suns brightening my world.  Thank you, Rite Aid, for carrying cheese balls!  Thank you, Utz, for making them!  And thank you, New York City, for giving me back a part of my childhood!!  Hooray for cheese balls!!!!

Do not adjust your screens, these cheese balls are actually this orange :)

Do you you have a favorite childhood snack or food that you can no longer find?  I'd love to hear what your favorites were!  Please share :)


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