Saturday, November 13, 2010

New and Improved, and Free Pizza Too!

I would like to welcome you all to the new and improved Mission: Food (because looks do matter!).  I have wanted to do a makeover to this blog for a while now and held off because I was sure I would need to self-host my page in order to make it look pretty.  That's something I just wasn't ready to do financially.  Recently, my friend Rebecca at Chow and Chatter had her blog renovated by a talented young graphic designer named Kristen.  Rebecca also uses Blogger to host her site and so I knew if she could do it, so could I!  I contacted Kristen with ideas of what I wanted and she clearly did a really amazing job!  I wanted bright, vibrant colors, and a much more professional look than what I had before.  The zebra print was the icing on the cake :) And I am head over heels for the adorable envelope icon with the heart... for all my love letters, haha.  I love love love this new page and want to thank Kristen for doing an amazing job!  If any of you are interested in her services, here is a link to her Etsy page!

113 Franklin St
(between Greenpoint Ave & Milton St)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 383-6000

Pizza and beer, pizza and beer... go together like a horse and carriage... well I guess that doesn't really rhyme, but who cares.  Pizza and beer were made for each other.  Kind of like less classy cheese and wine.  In a lovely place on the other side of the East River (called Brooklyn for those of you keeping track) there is a bar that really banks on that pairing.  They not only serve pizza and beer.  Many places do.  But with the purchase of a full-priced drink after 6 pm, you get a free pizza.  Yes, a FREE pizza.  It comes with sauce and mozzarella, but additional toppings will cost you $1 each, with a few $2 exceptions.  Here are the lists of toppings...

And here are the beers they have on tap!  They also have bottles and of course a full bar where you can get your heart's desire if you're a freak you don't like beer with your pizza.

Basically, when you buy a drink, the bartender will give you a little ticket which you cash in with the guy making the pizzas.  You should definitely tip your bartender (duh!) and also the pizza-maker.  They work hard for the money.  The pizza zone is at the far left end of the bar, and when your pizza is up the guy rings a bell and you go and pick up your free pizza!

I got three toppings on mine (that's $3 extra plus another $1 for tip): ricotta cheese, spinach, and mushrooms.  This wasn't the best pizza in the world, it wasn't wood-fired, and it hasn't won any awards, but it was pretty damn good for something that's free (plus toppings)!  The pizza is about 12 inches in diameter, not too shabby for being free!  The crust was very thin and fairly limp in the center, but overall had a great exterior crunch and chewy texture when you bite into the not-center parts.  The sauce and cheese were very light (those are the freebies), but adding extra toppings really does help liven it up a bit.  I'm sure my spinach was once frozen, and the mushrooms were born from a can, but for $3 (plus tip) I got a whole pizza to myself with several toppings.  No sharing.  All mine.  Perfect with my beer.

If you weigh this pizza next to a slightly thicker, large slice of pizza you can buy at any number of NY pizzerias, it might not weigh a whole lot more considering the crust is thinner, but I think it's a really great deal overall (and very filling)!  A plain (cheese only) slice usually costs about $2.25 at most places I've seen.  For another dollar I got 3 toppings on mine!  And if you're buying a beer already (as many people do in life), wouldn't you want a free pizza with it?  Shouldn't all bars offer free pizzas with the purchase of a drink?  Wouldn't the world be a better place if they did?  Less bar fights?  More happy people eating free pizza and drinking beer?  You just never know :)


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