Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The World's Greatest Sandwich, By Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller and I go way back.  I was lucky enough to meet him at a book signing last spring, and my culinary world immediately changed.  I already knew how talented he is, but I never realized he is such a great guy.  Honestly, one of the nicest people I've ever met.  I'd like to think of Thomas Keller as my friend.  He would probably consider me more of a stalker.  (Disclaimer to Keller's reps: I am not now, nor have I ever actually stalked Thomas Keller.  I'm simply stalking his mind).  Case in point, this sandwich.  I was recently doing some sandwich research for work, and putting together a sandwich spreadsheet (because my life is awesome!) and I came across this recipe.  I never saw the movie Spanglish, for which it was created, but I think the sandwich is universal.  It was intended for a late-night sandwich craving in the movie, but I think it's perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as well!  My stomach loves it, and so will yours.  Thanks, TK, for another winner.  Love, your biggest stalker fan, Victoria ;-)

PS My official goal in life is to have dinner at Per Se, Keller's 3 Michelin Star NY restaurant.  It costs $275 per person.  I'm accepting donations now through forever.  Thanks :)

BLT Sandwich with Fried Egg and Cheese
Serves 1
(Recipe by Thomas Keller, used in the film Spanglish)

3 to 4 thick slices bacon
2 slices Monterey Jack cheese
2 slices Pain de Campagne (rustic country loaf), toasted
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
4 slices tomato
2 leaves butter lettuce (aka Boston lettuce or bibb lettuce)
1 teaspoon butter
1 egg

Cook the bacon until crisp, drain on paper towels and set aside.

Place the slices of cheese on one slice of the toasted bread and place in a toaster oven or under a broiler to melt the cheese.

Spread the other slice of toast with the mayonnaise, top with the cooked bacon, the sliced tomato, and the lettuce.

In a nonstick skillet, melt the butter over medium heat. Fry the egg, turning over briefly when the bottom is set (keep the yolk runny!)

Slide the finished egg on top of the lettuce. Top with the other slice of toast, melted cheese side down. Place the sandwich on a plate and slice in half, letting the yolk run down the sandwich.


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