Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Dark Side

I have a dark side. Those who know me best know it well. In college, I was a film student. Let's just say that all of my short films consistently involved murder of some kind. Sometimes the murders were pretty unique. Ever try strangling someone with a rose? I doubt it really works, but I featured death-by-rose-strangulation in one of my shorts. I may be a very nice person. But I have a dark side :) Why am I sharing this with you? Do I really want to lose readers? No, but I'm just being honest. My mom thinks I'm crazy because I love skulls. I have a blanket a friend made for me that is pink and white and covered in purple skulls. It's one of my favorite things in the world (it keeps me pretty warm too). I also recently ordered a Betsey Johnson purse, covered in skulls. It's pretty badass. The color is gunmetal. I love it.

Photo courtesy

The affinity for skulls led me to reflect on the piggy bank I painted last year. I really wanted it to reflect me. I divided the pig in half, into two "sides" if you will. I painted one side pink with a giant skull and hearts. This half was the dark but girly side of me. The side of me who can't get enough girly things, such as dresses, skirts, bags, and shoes, but still loves rock music, violent movies, things that are perhaps less lady-like :) I can wear stilettos AND Chuck Taylors. I can drink a Cosmo AND pump a keg. I can do it all. This is who I am.

The other side... well, I painted it to reflect the primal cuts of pork. This also reflects my dark side (and my culinary side!). I'm sure most people who are handed an adorable piggy bank to paint with whatever images fill their minds rarely think of that pig in terms of pork... juicy, delicious PORK. Well I do. It was absolutely obvious that half that piggy bank would reflect the locations of the Boston butt, picnic shoulder, loin, belly, and ham. The pig was not very anatomically correct, so the sizes and shapes of these parts are not very accurate, but I did my best considering it was a piggy bank and not an actual side of pork. My culinary school meatcutting teacher would be proud!

I really love this piggy bank. I think it's a great reflection of who I am (for better or worse). Do you have a dark side? I'd love to hear about it!


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