Wednesday, June 8, 2011

They May Not Be NY Bagels...

But I love them just the same. In fact, St. Viateur Bagel, a Montreal landmark since 1957, produces my favorite bagel outside of New York City. This 24/7 bagel shop serves about 1,000 bagels a day, and those are either plain or simply adorned with either sesame or poppy seeds. No onion, garlic, or everything. The sesame seed bagels are their most famous, and the only one I've had the pleasure of trying, but I look forward to them with every visit to Montreal. These bagels are so lovable, in fact, that the shop's mascot (who made its debut at their 50th Anniversary party) is a giant sesame seed bagel named Sesame. A smiling sesame seed bagel adorns every bag of their bagels, waving hello to hungry fans.

Now what makes these bagels so freaking special, that a trip to Montreal just isn't the same without them? Well, for starters, they are slightly smaller and significantly thinner than New York bagels, which are heftier and far more filling. I can easily put away 2 of St. Viateur's bagels without hesitation :) Texture-wise, they are dense and super chewy. Like, get-stuck-in-your-teeth chewy, but in a good way. And the sesame seeds? Well they're all over. Whereas other sesame seed bagels are topped with sesame seeds, these babies have 360 degrees of sesame seed love! You can't even tell which way is up! You know how when you cut into a regular bagel and if you're sharing said bagel with a friend, you wanna keep the yummy top of the bagel for yourself, because that's the one with all the flavor? Well, no worries here because the sesame seeds are all over these hand-rolled bagels. While most bagels are created by making a circle and then poking a hole in the center, these are hand-rolled and shaped into circles by adhering the ends together. This far more rustic shape is another feature that really sets these guys apart. Not all bagels are created equal. Although I truly love a great New York bagel, St. Viateur bagels have a big part of my bagel-loving heart.

These bagels are hand-rolled... you can tell by looking at the one on the right, which shows where they two ends meet

To my American and Canadian friends who don't live in Montreal, you can order these bagels online and have them shipped directly to your homes! What's better than that?? A trip to Montreal for sure, but you definitely don't need a passport to enjoy these beautiful bagels. Merci, Montreal, for providing me with the best bagels I've ever had outside of the Big Apple. It's quite a feat, but you do it so well :) xo

St. Viateur Bagels
263 rue St-Viateur Ouest
Montreal, QC H2V 1Y1
(514) 276-8044

Enjoying St. Viateur bagels at home with cream cheese and lox (you can take the girl out of New York City, but you can't take New York City out of the girl, hehe)


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