Monday, August 22, 2011

Seven Links Challenge

Over the past couple weeks I've been tagged by Jeff's Plate, What's Cookin' Italian Style, and The Chef Doc to participate in the Seven Links Challenge. I figured it was about time I comply and take part is this fun experience :) First, the nominated bloggers must pick out seven posts based on the seven categories and then share the links. Then they pick 5 more bloggers to tag! So here goes....

1. Most Beautiful Post: Fresh Curry Fettuccine with Pureed Carrot Sauce, Asparagus, Peas, and Wild Mushrooms... this post not only contained my favorite photos (which I later used on a canvas print), but it was one of the most unique and flavorful dishes I have made. I love how healthy it is over all, and how the flavors compliment each other so well.

2. Most Popular Post: Homemade Soft Pretzels with Whole Grain Mustard... I'm honestly shocked by the overwhelming response of this post. It has been viewed significantly more than any other post on my blog. I will thank StumbleUpon for that :) These pretzels are so easy to make and so tasty! And the homemade mustard doesn't hurt either.

3. Most Controversial Post: Pysch's Fries Quatro Queso Dos Fritos... it may not be super controversial, but technically the cheese is not "injected" into the potatoes as the description on the show states. We did a great job making these fun fried treats, but it may not completely follow Lyin' Ryan's method.

4. Most Helpful Post: An Ode to Meat: Welcome Grilling Season!... There may not be an actual recipe in this post, but I shared a really nice discussion of meat from quality to cuts. It's pretty basic, but a good start to anyone wanting to learn more about meat selection.

5. Post That Was Surprisingly Successful: Dr. Lemon Puff, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Pâte à Choux... This was the first time I successfully made Pâte à Choux. It was a pretty big deal, and I loved filling them with lemon curd. Such a great idea :)

6. Post That Did Not Get the Attention it Deserved: Cranberry-Cinnamon Goat Cheese... I'm  just waiting for cranberry season so I can make this again. Weekly. It was so good, but the fact that it was posted in the midst of Christmas and New Year's meant it was overlooked by a lot of people. I hope this will give more people a chance to check it out!

7. Post You Are Most Proud Of: Tea Week: Scones (Tipsy Cherry Scones)... Not only is this one of my favorite recipes I've developed, but it was my first (and so far only) cooking video! I had so much fun putting it together. It was a super proud moment for me :)

Now to select five bloggers to tag!! I hope you'll all participate, it's a nice trip down memory lane :)

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